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Analyzing Data
Architect at Work


Assessment of the existing conditions and aptitudes of any property for residential development. Which includes the current status of existing entitlements, master planning, feasibility analyses and investor presentations to determine project’s potential value.


Our projects’ strengths are established at the project’s foundation by weighing important site selection factors and prompt identification of possible hurdles, providing quality investment opportunities to our investors.


Assemble and coordinate with the best design team for the job. Having a strong background in design and engineering we are able to collaborate closely with the design team to ensure designs not only provide positive returns to our investors, but to provide to the community a well-rounded finish product within municipal regulations.

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Blue Print
Signing a Contract

Construction Administration

Overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction process from beginning to completion. Services include bid administration and review, as well as management and supervision of contractors.


Manage design and permit processing teams to ensure all required information is well prepared in a timely manner for submittals. Our established relationships with local architects, engineers and regulatory agencies allows us to shape a clear path to development approval.

Taking a proacting stance, we are able to reduce development constraints, as well as your approval and litigation risk. Resulting in faster approvals, higher development densities and construction and legal costs.


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Real Estate Agent
Analyzing Graphs

Deal Sourcing

Financial Structure

Our experienced team members and our business relationships with local real estate agents deliver unique investment opportunities.


Our scouting process’ rapid analysis and response to market opportunities is focused on underperforming asset lookup, mispriced property finding, potential added value analysis, best land use assurance, along with high financial gains and key market analysis.

Our investment opportunities are analyzed and assembled through deal-specific financial structures, utilizing secured structure profit distributions agreed upon and operating agreements to assure all partner’s interests and responsibilities are clear and concise. Our multilingual team is ready to welcome foreign investment.

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Giving a Presentation


As sponsor, Mesh manages and operates investment deals allocating funds through accurate financial analysis, equity tier structure establishment, asymmetric returns and continuous team collaboration (architectural, engineering, general contractors and real estate brokers) Mesh provides flexibility to enhance investment opportunities for both debt and equity investment partners.   

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